• Who am I?
St Saint Beatus Caves Grottes

I’m Louis BAUMSTARK. My mission is to help people who want to learn to slow down to live betterWhether in their personal life or within their company.

  • A MBA 2 in Management, Business and Entrepreneurship...

that just made me discover the term “Slow Management” without any explanation. That’s why I especially want to develop “Slow” in business (Slow Business, Slow Management, etc.) and personal development.

  • Slow Addict

Before discovering Slow, I aspired to do something that looked like it, but I didn’t have the tools and I was lost.

Since I learned about Slow philosophy, I restructure my life and my way of doing business “correctly”!

That’s why I launched this blog! I want to share with you this philosophy 😉

  • Curious

I’m interested in all subjects in the world, which help to develop societies positively 🙂

  • Slow Entrepreneur at SMart Cooperative in Lille

I started my company account at SMart Cooperative in Lille, France. This entrepreneurial system is based on a collaborative model. This system is in keeping with my vision of what the Slow Business is 🙂

Because Slow philosophy isn’t broached at all in schools & universities, I had to read several books to develop my knowledge & skills.

You’ll find the books list – that I read to complete my obtained knowledge with my MBA diploma – in the “Bonus” menu -> “References“.