Slow Movement Historical.

1986 was the first time the term “slow” has been using by Carlo PETRINI (Italian sociologist and gourmet critic) with the designation “Slow Food”. His idea was to propose an alternative to fast-food developments in Europe. It was the beginning of “Slow Movement”.


Cooking local products cultivated with respect of biodiversity and time; and prepared in a healthy and balanced way. Nowadays, there is a lot of branching out from “slow”: Slow Food, Slow Management, Slow Tourism, Slow City, and Slow Business… All these fields constitute the “Slow Movement”.


Slow down (slow)” would leave a possibility to the Earth to recharge. To understand the “slow movement” perfectly, you need to open up your mind and to judge with discernment. Don’t be a snail in your everyday life, but try to calm this unbridled rhythm imposed by this current society at all levels. We need to find back human beings and planet respects. We must re-synchronize us with nature’s rhythm.

To me, “time” is one of the parameters we must adjust to allow humanity to stay into a prosperity way. Beyond “time” factor, “slow” is building on a return of proximity values that help to slow down and clean up the environment in general (to promote local product limits traffic, CO2 emission due to transport…).

If we –Humans- were able to adapt ourselves to the “speed”, this is not the same for the rest of animal and plant species. Trees grow as fast as from the beginning of time, animal reproductions occur only periodically compared to us – we can do it whenever we want. For example, pandas have only a couple of days to mate.

We must come back to a harmony with nature and cease overexploitation in the name of profit, money and consumption. Also, concerning human being, we can’t count how many diseases exist because of pressure, stress due to speed.

It’s time to improve our life modes. I’m not the first and the last that says it. Lots of slogans exist as “eat less, but eat better”. That’s the “Slow Food” idea. Just for food, “eat less, but eat better” is a winning/winning philosophy. “Less” allows the natural balance and “better” to offer to your organism the best elements (vitamins, minerals…).

The entire “Slow” concept adopts this philosophy.

Why “taking time”?

Besides the reasoning with natural environment into Humans is growing up, we don’t count anymore the number of diseases and problems due to speed and the race for unlimited profits with fast paced: dehumanization at work, stock market speculations, road accidents, overexploitation and impoverishment of the Earth, pollution, “short-termism” vision, indivisualism…

If we want to limit worries in the next years (mainly availability of natural resources and health), it’s necessary to modify our current vision. We must think “long-term”, “communal”. To succeed, it’s mandatory to take time. Taking an individual decision is always faster than taking a decision for a group of persons and it is often less effective in a “long-term”. Because together, we have to discuss, talk, adapt, and imagine the evolution possibilities with more ideas. Together our vision will be larger.


Let us sum up. Taking time (slow) will allow promoting:

  • Human values,
  • Planetary balance,
  • Long-term,
  • General interest,
  • Nutritional quality and taste of the food…

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