Other Slow Movements.

After having explained the most important and the most representative movements about Slow, I think it’s wise to present you every roots even those that can be considered as anecdotic.

Slow Cosmetique.

slow cosmétique make up maquillage

Slow Cosmetique is an association, which gave its name to this movement. It is fighting against modern cosmetic’s excesses. Taking the Slow Cosmetique path is to engage as a consum’actor with ecological and ethics procedures.

There is a charter that includes 4 major points. The goal is to reach a “healthy”, “ecological”, “smart” and “sustainable” cosmetic. A “Slow Cosmetique” label for brands that are committed with their “finished” products also exists. This association also promotes “home-made” products.

Slow Drinking.

slow drinking cocktails celebrate champagne celebration amis trinquer cheers

Movement opposed to the Binge Drinking phenomenon. Binge Drinking is a fashion consisting in being drunk by an express and excessive way.

Slow Drinking put forward the pleasure to drink by enjoying your glass with appetizers with family or friends. Those pleasures are linked to those of Slow Food because they are about “quality” and “eco-friendly” consumption.

Slow Esthetique.

spa serviette towel huile massage oil zen

To me, Slow Esthetique is a merger between Slow Cosmetique, Slow Minceur and Slow Massage. Slow Esthetique consists in a “long-term” thinking when we have to take care about our body and our wellness. For example, go back to using more plant-based natural products. Naturopathy and consumption of bio products are two axis used by Slow Esthetique. Three fundamentals build the Slow Esthetique base: “consume esthetic differently”, “become aware of reality” and “do not only aim wow effect”.

Slow Fashion. 

Slow Fashion is fighting against an excessive production and consumption, a regressive system, a disposable fashion and style standardization. Slow Fashion advises a production and consumption at a local or regional level, the development of a relationship based on confidence, a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion (yeah, yeah, bio clothes do exist!!), a personality affirmation and promoting the traditional know-how.

Some ideas to adopt Slow Fashion: to take care about your things, repair them, buy more expensive but with a better quality, trade or resell your clothes. With Slow Fashion, you’re also taking care of the environment until your washing machine is full or washing using ecological modes.

Slow Gardening.

dahlia fleur flower jardin garden slow

Coming from the USA, this is a new way to garden in a “relax” mood: Slow Gardening. Slow Gardening is a state of mind: you first have to ask yourself the right questions about your garden design and then favor a “garden to live” rather than a “to show” one. Garden for yourself, for your pleasure. 4 essential points form Slow Gardening: casual, easy, economical and environmentally friendly.

Like the all Slow philosophy, it’s necessary to try to synchronize yourself with the nature rhythm. Take the meteorological opportunities; accomplish the right thing at the right time according to seasons…

Favor local plants, those able to bear the regional climate for generations. Trade seeds with family, friends or passionate people. Make nature your friend! Forget chemical products, recreate your garden natural balance and realize your compost with your wastes. You can also use recovered things to build your garden.

Slow Massage.

massage zen slow

It’s not too difficult to imagine what Slow Massage is talking about: it promotes massages in relaxing, soothing and Zen ambience. The use of products coming from Slow Cosmetique is – for sure- welcome (for example, natural massage oil). Another important point: take time and stay tuned with your partner’s body.

Slow Medicine.

Measured, Respectful and Equitable. These are Slow Medicine’s keys words. In the movement’s manifesto, these 3 words are explained:

  • Measured, because it’s looking for the essential and – thanks to this way – limit the resource waste, respect the environment and protect ecosystem. Slow Medicine recognizes that doing more doesn’t mean doing better.
  • Respectful, because everyone has the right to be what he/she is, and to express what he/she thinks. Slow Medicine recognizes that people’s value, expectations and desires are different and inviolable.
  • Equitable, because adequate to the person and circumstances. Cares are acceptable for both patients and health professionals. Slow Medicine promotes appropriate and good quality care for everyone.

Slow Medicine philosophy may fuel a debate because by respecting everyone’s wishes, it put forward ideas of: voluntary euthanasia, continuing to smoke during the cares…

Slow Minceur.

pomme minceur apple slow

Minceur is the French word for “thinness”. It’s the Slow’s root that concerns our weight. Slow Minceur is fighting express diets, which are killing our bodies by a yoyo effect. Slow Minceur philosophy says that the best way to regain your weight is to be listening to your body. Deprivation isn’t a solution.

Be in harmony with your body physically and mentally.

Slow Science.

chemistry chimie slow science sciences

In a world governed by money and speed, the race to scientific results doesn’t stop to accelerate. Society imposes quotas to researchers who thus favor quantity researches rather than quality ones. Thereby, a popular expression in the scientific community that summarizes the current system’s state of mind exists: “publish or perish”. To make science great again, Slow Science European community was born in 2010 in Berlin. This movement believes that science must slow down. Researches need time to read, to try, to be mistaken, to exchange… We can also read in the Slow Science Academy’s manifesto: “Science need time to read and time to fail”.

Slow Science would like to decrease quantity in order to increase quality researches.

Slow Sex.

sigle logo moins 18 ans years less slow sex

Later, I will create a special tab for “Slow Sex” in the Slow Movement area of this website, because, there are lots of things to tell. Right now, light explanation about Slow Sex. It’s about taking time with your partner. Find harmony between bodies and be listening to each other. However, as you can read in the Tempo Giusto part, you need discernment. The goal isn’t to take many hours during each intercourse. The legendary “Quicky” coming from “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” works in Slow Sex.

Slow Sex philosophy also goes deeper (no pun intended) in each other intercourses. It promotes the idea to stop chaining conquests and take time to discover the person in front of you.

For couples in troubles, take time to mend what is repairable.

Slow Ski ou Slow Slopes.

skiing skier slow ski montagne mountain neige snow

Skiing isn’t necessarily associated to speed and thrills! For those who prefer to appreciate quietly downhill, Slow Ski is for you! Take time on ski slopes, enjoy “mountain” ambience and even for the more courageous persons… put sealskin to go back up the slopes! A Slow Slopes in Bardonecchia, Italy already exists. Slow Ski is part of an eco-friendly gait: do not throw wastes, protect nature and limit nuisances for animals living near from slopes…