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KEY N°5: Trick with the list!

As usual, I start my day by thinking about all the tasks I have to do. I don’t have any problem to memorize. And it is precisely because of this memory that I take more time to accomplish my goals.

The background task.

Your brain works like a computer. When you launch an application in a sleeping mode, it always bleeds a small portion of the power from this computer. The principle is the same for the brain. To not forget our today’s missions, we launch applications in a sleeping mode.

The problem is that – at any time (and sometimes during an activity) – the brain sends us a “notification”: “Hey! Don’t forget that you must do this thing! Byyye !“. After losing concentration, we must take a few minutes to refocus on and finish our first task. But, most of the time, we are thinking about all the things we have to do in the day!!

Let’s calculate how many interruptions you have in a day, that’s amazing!

Trick with the list.

I could’ve named this technique: “the technique of airplane mode for the brain”. It’s so hard to apply! 🙂

It’s simply to list (personally, I use the app “notes” of my phone), all your obvious goals for the day at the morning.

By this way, you will “close” applications as soon as they will be launched. Your brain will be free to use all energy for the immediate actions. You will be more focused and efficient (as you’re applying the key #4: the single task method).

My personal feeling.

I use this technique for a few months and I admit that – concerning organization – it’s better! I can achieve all my daily goals in the given time while increasing the quality.

Bonus: I use this trick for ideas! When an idea comes to my mind, I note it. First for the reason mentioned above and also to not forgetting forever 🙂

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