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KEY N°4 : The single task method!

Well, for this key, I may have some criticism … The eternal debate between multitasking and single task! 🙂 Especially with this urban legend: “woman = multitasking and man = single task”!

But what about a scientific point of view?

"Multitasking brain, a myth? It seems right".

This is the title of an article by Agence Science-Presse, which brought together several scientific studies to find out if the brain could actually perform 2 tasks strictly at the same time.

Verdict: in the “pure” sense of the term “multitask”, the brain can’t perform 2 tasks simultaneously. The myth comes from the fact that the brain has the ability to juggle different tasks at an incredible speed (0.1 seconds). That’s why there is the popular belief of a multitasking function for our brain.

According to the grouped studies, there are only a few multitasking modes for our brain when brain functions don’t compete. For example: walk and talk at the same time.

The single task method.

The problem with this ability to juggle different tasks quickly is that we lose concentration. This phenomenon is called “attentive blinking” (because it’s comparable to the blinking of eyes). This phenomenon interrupts temporarily, but unconsciously, our attention” writes journalist Nathalie KINNARD in her article published on Agence Science-Presse website.

In other words, our brain will be more efficient if it uses energy for 1 single task at a time.

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By focusing on the single task method, you will increase your concentration, attention, efficiency and by extension: you’ll save time!

My personal feeling.

I give you a scoop: I’m a man!  Wouuhh ! 🙂

So I tend (according to popular belief) to be “single task”. Indeed, when I have to deal with important tasks, I prefer focusing on one thing at a time!

If you are afraid for your organization with this single task method, you will discover with the next key (the key n ° 5) that I have a tip to not lose the thread concerning all my daily tasks.

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