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Aikido,a Slow martial art?

End of June, I got my 1st French DAN of Aikido and I’m on my way to pass the 1st DAN of Aikikai (international level). I’ve been doing Aikdo for many years and I always loved this philosophy!  Today, I share my vision about Aikido and connections with the Slow.

Aikido, OK, what is it?

Ai-ki-do : the way (do) of the union (Ai) of energies (ki).

To make it simple, the principle of aikido is to use the strength of the opponent to turn it against him. As a result, there is no category of weight and sex in practice. The idea is the following: don’t fight against the opponent but with him until you reach a “point of destabilization”.

Being a martial art of defense, there is no match, no fight, no championship.

Why a Slow martial art?

Don’t make me say what I didn’t say 😉 This is not a martial art that you must practice slowly. But I find connections between “Aikido” and “Slow philosophy”.

First at all, Aikido advocates the respect of your partner (like every martial arts), but also the non-humiliation of the opponent in a “fight” situation (defense).

The link between Slow and Aikido is the Tempo Giusto. You must practice it at the right speed: if you’re too fast, the technique won’t work ; if you’re too slow, it will be the same. You must adapt your speed according to the situation.

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Have a long term vision

The path of learning and mastery is relatively long for a “normal” practitioner (who practices a few hours a week). I had the opportunity to train also in Muay Thai and I noticed that – after 5 years – a Muay Thai beginner was often “stronger” than an aikidoka.

Generally, on long term, about those 2 same persons, the gap will decrease and reverse.

This tendency comes from the fact that – by using the strength of the opponent – the physical effort required is lighter and the practice is more pleasant in the future. In Aikido, the more years pass, the more aikidoka will be powerful.

Aiki-jutsu, the "hard" form of Aikido.

While Aikido is based on the idea of being non-violent concerning the aggressor, Aiki-justu has a different purpose that is to dislocate a joint or to create a rupture of links.

The difference is mentioned in their names:

Do = path whose goal is the practice itself for its inner journey and the defense as well.
Jutsu = martial technique whose the goal is to hurt or to kill.

For those who want to practice an “aiki” martial art closer to street fight, I think this version suits them more! I think I will try a session or 2 soon!

Go Aikido! 🙂

Of course, practicing this martial art, I can only encourage you to try! What I find top in Aikido is the addition of physical practice, defense techniques and refocusing on oneself.

Coupled with meditation, it’s the perfect cocktail to feel good!

About you, tell me what you think! Have you ever tried Aikido or Aiki-jutsu? Or even other martial arts? I’m interested !! I love all martial arts (but it’s unfortunately impossible to practice everything ^^)! Tell me all this in comments 🙂

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