From the beginning, I’m concerned with altruism and environment, and I think we can develop them thanks to “slow movement” philosophy. I always try to improve myself with intelligence and discernment in order to serve the public interest. One of this website’s goals is to bring together and introduce you to all slow movement’s roots:

  • You will discover my way of thinking in my blog,
  • I will try to convince you to adopt “slow life” the most,
  • I will give you ideas to take the path of slowness,
  • We will work together about solutions we could adopt,

When I discovered “slow movement” during my Master Degree Of Business Administration, I decided not to work in “trade and unlimited consumption” (which favors individualism and materialism) but to promote the return to fundamental, healthy and fair values thanks to a “smart slowing” of society (for example: organic, fair trade, management by walking around and not management by sales figures, etc.).

Let’s be Slow.

My main goal is to inform you that unlimited profit, overexploitation of the Earth and “short-termism” have an alternative.

To me, “slow movement” is one the keys that will reverse the hourglass of planetary and human impoverishment.

To get more informations about “slowclick here.

The quest for the Slow going through a return to trust to create strong links, I want to be honest with you: I am in a “transition” phase. I’m not a 100% “slow user” in my everyday life but this blog  will help me to going on with you.

Anyway, I would also like to specify that this website’s goal isn’t to make you “100% slow humans” but to offer you alternatives to improve our lives and our environment. It’s your turn to judge and to dose. Some fields of slow movement are specifics like “slow art” and I don’t really agree in all aspects.

I want to emphasize one important thing: there are lots of books about “slow” phenomena. I don’t want to rewrite the content of all these books on my website that you can find in references. All the slow movement tabs serve to make you discover every particularity of each field. We will go deeper with details in my blog on a case by case basis.

Slow definition.

To find a more detailed explanation of “slow” concept, go to “slow movement” tab. But, as you must really understand this word’s meaning, here is a short definition:

Slow means “take time” or “slow down”.

escargot interdits

And not to be slow like a snail (I’m not a “snail” logo fan).

I prefer the slow but above all strong and known to be smart elephant! On one hand, elephants are linked to memory, wisdom, longevity, prosperity and kindness. In the other hand, in Hindu religion, it is the god of wisdom and protector of the students.



My work method leans on aikido philosophy. Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba Sensei between 1925 and 1969. Since 2009, I practice O Sensei’s art and I find inside the essence of my studies. Do not “fight” but do “accompany”. Accompany human development towards altruism and an environmental respect with discernment and lucidity while accepting the evolution that surrounds us in a measured way.