Today, I want to share my new personal evolution. A few months ago, I decided to stop drinking sodas.

You’re going to see that there are only positive things!! 🙂

I give you 5 reasons why I stopped sodas and why I’m encouraging you to do the same thing 🙂

Plus, I will share my alternatives about sodas at the end of this article.

1- Sodas composition is chemical!

First at all, to go further with the reflection, you must discover the ingredients in sodas. Let’s take an example with the most sold soda in the world: Coca.

Take a look at this ConsoGlobe website’s screenshot, which is edifying! Here is the Coca’s composition for 1L:

coca cola composition ingredients

To me, all the composition is really frightening apart from vanilla and water…

Basically, to sum up, except the taste, all Coca’s ingredients are totally useless for our body (no nutritive interest). Besides, those chemicals into the Coca are harmful for us on long-term.

Noxiousness checkup: 2 points for cancer, 2 points for addiction, some stroke, diabetes, and obesity… without considering information we don’t know.

2- Save the environment

For this article, I’m talking about our (enemy) friend: Coca because it is the most sold soda in the world! But you can use this reflection about all sodas…

I would like to shed a light on the most stupid thing in the soda’s world: the quantity of used water to get the drink is superior to its volume!

Coca Eau exploitation surexploitation

3- Save money

money saving argent economies

Another important item about sweet beverages: their price.

To carry on with our Coca Cola example, its price per liter is about 1,55€ (vs 0,19€ per 1,5L for a bottle of water by Cristaline).

To know how much money you could save by stopping the consumption of sodas, quick calculation. I found a 2016 study about sodas consumption per inhabitant and per country (here is the source).

77,5 €

For France, 1 person drinks 50L of sodas (Coca) per year, on average. You could save 77,5€ / year (without taking account of the health plus… 😉 ) This is only a low estimation! My calculation is only based on “large retailers” prices. 

213,75 €

Now, I’m taking account that a part of this consumption costs 3,5€ per bottle of 50cl… In that case, I would announce a saving of 213,75€ per person (by estimating that the half of the consumption takes place in restaurants, bars…).

855 €

Now, go further in explanations… In a 4-persons family, the saving will be 855€ per year 🙂

4- Stop the sugar addiction

From now, I want the healthiest lifestyle possible. So, STOP the excess of sugar!

sucre drogue sugar drugs

On this point, more and more studies show that sugar could be compared to drugs concerning addiction. Here are some links from news medias, which are explaining us that sugar causes addiction and behavior disorder:

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Free yourself from this addiction!

I know that some of you are hooked on sodas. As far as I’m concerned, I’m lucky, I’m part of those who don’t need this kind of products if I don’t buy them. So, to solve my problem, the solution was really easy. I stopped to buy sodas.

If you’re not like me, I will give you knacks I used – when I was in a restaurant or a bar – at the end of my article.

5- Be in good health (my personal feeling)

One more time, you’re deciding how much your implication will be: just stop or reducing the quantity. One or the other solution is a great choice! Imagine that everyone are reducing his or her consumption, the positive impact on Earth could be enormous!

Personally, the impact on my body – after several months off – is only positive! Before, I drank from 1 glass to 50cl of sodas almost everyday! I always felt bad and tired… I couldn’t resist choosing sodas at restaurant, bar… It was a reflex.


Nowadays, I really feel good, lighter and I don’t almost want sodas anymore. Even if there is a bottle in front on me! 😉 And that, it was an unimaginable thing a few months ago!!

The one thing that I can do, it’s to encourage you to do the same!

Here is the method that worked to me.

My method & my alternatives

What it helped me to stop sodas were: will and substitution products.

For my part, I’m now choosing among:

P.S: All these products are organic! 😉

Those tips – I’m going to share – really helped me:

My key tips:

  • Find your “weak point” linked to sodas and offset it (to me, I missed the “sparkling” side of beverages. So, to start, I bought sparkling water).
  • If you’re thinking that it’s about the “taste”, I assure you that making your homemade fruit juice really helped me to resist!
  • Do not buy sodas when you’re doing your shopping.

If you can only choose between “soda” & “still water”:

  • I’m thinking about the useless calories I could drink.
  • I remember the Coca composition and it helps me to choose “water”,
  • I remember the water waste due to sodas,
  • I take a look at my credit card, which is screaming “mercy” 😉

I hope I encouraged you to do the same. 🙂

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