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26 Slow keys in 26 weeks!

I’ve decided to challenging myself: give you 26 Slow keys in 26 weeks. Tips that work and I use in my everyday life 🙂

Ok, but what kind of tips?

I assure you, I won’t share Marmiton’s recipes or beauty tutorials coming from EnjoyPhoenix.

These Slow keys will be devided into 2 categories:

  • Key n°1 to 14: learn to slow down and how to find time again,
  • Key n°15 to 26 : personal development.

By applying them, you will find time again for you, for your family and friends. You will slow down and you will be actor of your day.

You’ll see, you will feel better! 😉

Why this challenge?

This challenge is for me, but also for you!

My goal is to show you that – with these easy Slow tips – you can start your Slow Life right now 🙂

Let’s do this challenge together! Your challenge will be to apply these tips!

Why 26 ?

And not 10 ; 13 or 22,5?

26 because this challenge starts on July 11, 2018. We are in week 28 and there are 26 weeks until the December 31st! (In reality, December 31st is in the 1st week of 2019! But I will give you 2 keys for the last week of 2018, it will be my christmas presents 🙂 ).

I also chose to give you 1 key per week in order to take time to apply it correctly.

I need you!

If those keys worked for you, please, share the content on your social medias and invite your friends to follow this blog:

Discover the Slow keys list.

Here is the list of Slow keys (that will be updated after a new publication):